Heart Exposed Music

Hi Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and explore the ministries of Eloy & Stephanie Martinez and Heart Exposed Music.  On the site, we trust that you’ll find helpful ministry and booking information as well as heart inspiration on pages like “Musing Moments,” our online journal, and “Stories,” which come from things that people have shared with us and have given us permission to share with you.

Whether we’ve known each other for years, or we’re just getting acquainted, we look forward to sharing glimpses of our journeys with Him.  We’re forever amazed at the exchanges that He makes with us.  He takes our sin and gives us His righteousness, He takes our brokenness and gives us His Wholeness, and more than this, He never treats us according to what we know to be true – that we’re getting the better end of this exchange! Our heart’s desire is that through worship and teaching, the great expanse of His heart will be exposed to us and that we’ll be willing to respond to Him by exposing our hearts to Him – the good, the bad, and the broken. He loves and desires it all!

God’s best to you…

Eloy & Stephanie