“Come Away”

That’s what I heard Him say to me a month before I resigned my staff position of nine years.

He gave me a song called, “Come Away.”  It wasn’t a song that I sang to Him; it was a song that He sang to me.  Actually, it was an invitation that He sang to me.  When I resigned, my schedule came to a screeching halt and after I “detoxed” from my busyness, I found myself sitting at His feet, listening to His voice.  The most frequent comment I received when I would run into people in the following months (and even years,) was “You look rested.”  It was so common that I began to wonder what I looked like a few years earlier!  There is so much weariness in the Body of Christ.  We run on empty more times than not.  We live out of depleted places, trying to squeeze out “living water” from the dried up sponge of our heart!  I believe that He has more for us!
This past May, I was preparing to speak somewhere and I heard Him say to me, “Go to the piano.”  I went and ended up playing this song (which I hadn’t played in quite some time.)  I had been praying about recording another CD in the months prior, having a sense that the time was coming.  While I was singing this song, it was like a holy “download,” as He began speaking to me….”The CD will be called ‘Come Away’ and this will be the first song on it.”  He also said that it was to be a “soaking CD” – one that you can pop in, take a deep breath and settle into His arms for a little while.  There will be mostly original songs on it, but also a couple of non-original.  He’s been making our steps firm as we’ve been moving through the process.  One of those moments….I was at a church that I partner with in Washington D.C. and when I walked into the office, a staff member said that she had a dream the previous night that I had recorded a CD and that the song “Pour My Love” was on it.  I told her that I was planning to start recording in a week and a half and that “Pour My Love” was one of the songs to be recorded.  I took a deep breath and said, “Thank You Jesus!”  In our crazy lives, I wonder how many times He’s singing this invitation to us.  My prayer is that “Come Away” will be a tool – an oasis to our spirits, an immediate relief from all of the demands of life and a time for the restoration of our souls!  

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