Miracle in Arnold, PA

What an incredible thing it was to not just hear her story, but actually meet the woman that God healed of glaucoma. 

She told me the story of how we were worshipping, I mentioned healing, someone else just walked by and touched her, and the next day the eye doctor told her that her eyes were “normal.”  She didn’t know what “normal” meant.  She asked him, “normal for someone with glaucoma?  Normal for someone going blind?”  (which was her prognosis)  He told her that they were “normal” – perfect eyes.  I asked her how her eyes were currently doing.  She replied, “They’re perfect!”  Go God!!!  Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord!  Praise God that He healed her of glaucoma and reversed the effects of blindness that were already present.  He’s Great!!

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