“The Barn” – Ten years later

If you live in State College, you might have heard of “The Barn…”

It all started ten years ago when a handful of youth pastors started dreaming about the crazy idea of having their groups meet together in one place during the summer months.  We met in a literal barn for a few summers.  I remember sweeping out the bat – well it’s called “guano” every week.  We worshipped, prayed, laughed, studied, made memories, and built history together.  Ten years later, a whole generation is gone, but not the traces of what God built during that time.  This past week, I was a part of “Summer of Service” youth camp which was at the same place as “The Barn.”  It was great to reconnect with some of the same people that I had worked with ten years earlier.  In the quick turn-over rate of ministry, you normally don’t get the opportunity to journey with people in the same place for a decade.  It was wild to see the children now the youth and some of the youth now the youth pastors.  I admire the hearts – the ones that I know and the ones that I don’t – that have committed to this area and are still believing for what God wants to do.  It made me grateful again that the Lord has blessed me to stay in State College, Pennsylvania.  I’m looking for all that God wants to do…ten years later!

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