His Love finds us

This past weekend, I saw His extravagant love again when I was in Pittsburgh.  A friend of mine from State College, who is going through a difficult time, is originally from the area where I was going to be.  (Although she didn’t know exactly where the retreat was and wasn’t intending to come.  I wasn’t even exactly sure where we were meeting.)  Anyway, after the first set of worship on Saturday, I see a girl approach the platform and here it was my friend from State College!  She said with tears streaming down her face that she was just in the mall to buy shoes when she walked by this church (the church is literally in the mall) and found out that there was a women’s retreat there and it was the retreat where I was.  She came in and soaked in His Presence all day!  What a statement of His love!  The first song she heard us do in worship was called, “Perfect Love” from my CD, and the last words from the chorus are, “Perfect Love, You found me.”  He found her and it was beautiful!

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