An Unexpected Moment at Bath and Body Works

She came up to me at Bath and Body Works. 

I recognized her from a church where I had recently led worship and spoke.  She thanked me for the message that He gave me to speak.  It was a message on rest and stillness, letting Him do the “heavy lifting” in our lives, and learning to “soak” in His Presence.  I shared a bit from my journey over the last several years.  She said that He impacted her through His Word and spoke to her about resting.  She was involved in several ministries in the congregation as well as leading a Bible study.  She felt prompted to take some time off and rest in His Presence.  With tears in her eyes she said, “The Lord knew that I needed that time because otherwise I wouldn’t have been prepared for what happened a month later.”  I was so surprised to hear what came out of her mouth next, “My husband died.”  She said that she wouldn’t have had the strength to go through it, except she had already been taking extra time to rest in Him – strengthening her day by day.  We had a moment at the entrance of the store.  How good is our God to give us His Word and His Strategy for every season of our lives.

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