What do I call “a way of life?”

Recently, I was struck by a statement that came from two women…

At a recent women’s retreat, I closed my eyes to pray after finishing a time of speaking.  When I did, I saw a picture of something that I had never seen before.  I saw a set of teeth!  (I know – you weren’t expecting that.  Neither was I.)  I knew that there was a reason that He gave me this picture, but come on, that’s a little weird, right?  I asked the Lord about it and knew in my heart that I had a question to ask.  So, with a bit of hesitation, I asked the question, “Does anyone here have problems with their teeth?”  A woman shot her arm into the air and said, “I do.”  We prayed for her.  The Lord touched her and later I got to hear this “teeth story.” 

She explained the on-going problems that she was having and the difficult, painful procedures that it required.  She said that she never thought to pray for healing for this; she thought that it was just “a way of life.”  I know that God touched her and believe that He will continue to do so.

The next afternoon, I talked with a woman that God had just healed of a 23 year lung condition that morning.  (Read her story under “Happenings”/”Stories.”)  In that conversation, she described the condition as “a way of life.”  She used the same words that I heard the night before.  It struck my heart and made me wonder how many times I’ve accepted things as “a way of life – ” be it in my life or someone else’s.  

I did accept it when the doctors told me that I’d have arthritis in my foot for the rest of my life after an injury and surgery when I was 17.  I found out that when the doctor says “for the rest of my life,” he’s not taking into account God stepping into the picture and bringing total healing 4 years later! 

I’ve been thinking about this lately.  God doesn’t just repair…He restores!  He makes all things new!  Never in the way I imagine and certainly not in my time frame, but what a challenge came to me through those incredible women who shared their stories.

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