Rwanda Updates- part 2

“We keep seeing stark contrasts…a mansion next to a one-room mud house.” I read this in my sister’s morning email.  Hardly seems like she’s halfway around the world with technology.  I can almost picture her typing me with a soy chai latte in hand… or maybe some fresh papaya juice.

Contrasts.  Seems to be a theme.  Today they visited the Genocide Memorial.  Even being her second time there, Steph felt the disbelief, horror, and deep sadness the Rwandan people have suffered.  “It is heartbreaking, yet there is hope.” Contrasts.

Tomorrow begins the “Daughters of Destiny” women’s conference.  God challenged me to pray for the dead to be raised.   I’m praying for dead hearts, minds, emotions, dreams, and hopes to be raised.  As Steph said, pray that these women would “know His healing…that silence will give way to tears and tears make room for laughter.”

I look forward to sharing some amazing “contrast resolution” stories with you.  Death to life.  Empty to full.  Shattered to whole.  Sorrow to joy.  Bitterness to forgiveness.  Repentance to refreshment.  Thank you for your prayers!

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