Ministry Information

Ministry Types

Eloy & Stephanie are available for various types of ministry that are listed below. By the Holy Spirit’s help and dialogue with leadership, each type of ministry is uniquely designed to speak specifically to the group that she’s addressing.

  • Leading worship in local churches and/or conferences.  A worship band is available upon request and availability. Eloy & Stephanie also work with local teams that are available.
  • Special Music
  • Speaking/Preaching in churches, at women’s retreats/conferences, and teen girls’ retreats
  • Teaching worship seminars for local congregations or regional conferences
  • “Worship Weekend” (coined by a pastor Stephanie worked with) Our heart is to partner with pastors and leadership to equip and strengthen people in their giftings.  The weekend might look something like this:
    • Friday:  Arrive, sometimes a prayer/worship service or just hang out with the worship team.
    • Saturday:  Worship seminar including teaching on both the Spiritual principles and the musical practicalities of worship ministry.  After the teaching, she leads them in a rehearsal, practicing not just music, but His Presence in a “worship lab” setting.
    • Sunday:  Lead worship with congregation’s worship team and preach.
  • Worship Team Training One weekend a month for a designated time period to work intensively with a worship team at a Saturday rehearsal, then lead worship with them on Sunday.


Ministry is done on a love offering or honorarium basis, plus travel, lodging and meal expenses as agreed upon prior to the event. There are additional financial requests when bringing in the worship team.  That information is available upon request.

Heart Exposed Music, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.