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glory TO glory

The Bible promises to move us from glory to glory. Between the two glories seem to be this extremely wide chasm called “to.” What do we do in those “to” times? Explore the life of Joseph and see God’s principles in Joseph’s very long “to” time.

Power of Praise

A look into the Battle of Jehoshaphat and the incredible weapon of praise that we’re given.  Listen to what can happen as we set our eyes on Him and choose to focus on His love and goodness.

Sanctified Stubbornness

Have you ever been accused of being stubborn? Stubbornness doesn’t have to be a bad thing; it’s all in how it’s applied.  See what the Lord can do with stubbornness that is sanctified and used within His purposes.

True Worship

It’s not just a few minutes in a Sunday service.  It’s a lifestyle of fragrance to the Lord.  Discover the markers of true worship through the life of a true worshipper.

Single and Happy

Is that an oxymoron – like “jumbo shrimp?” Do the words “single” and “happy” go together?  Take a look at singleness from a Biblical and practical perspective.


We so quickly think that captivity is the enemy’s doing; trying to escape it or pray our way out of it.  Sometimes, though, the Lord is the One who puts us in captivity – not to torture us, but to constrain us that we might know Him and walk in His ways.


“Abraham believed God and it was credited to Him as righteousness,” Genesis 15:6. There is power in believing.  There is cost in believing.  There is breakthrough in believing.  Do you believe?

Practicing His Presence: A message for Worship Teams and Worship Leaders

A look into the Battle of Jehoshaphat with specific teaching for worship leaders and those in music leadership.

Psalm 73

It’s hard to believe the benefit of serving the Lord and doing what’s right when you see the wicked prosper while you’re “left in the dust.”  Psalm 73 deals with that thought and instructs us on how to see the real picture.

The With-ness of God

We’ve heard so often in our Christian lives that He is “with” us, but have we grasped what that really means?  What does His with-ness bring to us?

My Favorite Worship Leader

You and I have never seen or heard her lead a worship service, but we’ve heard of the worship service she once led.  In fact, everyone who’s heard the Gospel has heard of her.  That was the endorsement she received from Jesus speaking of her incredible act of worship.  (This message spoken at a “Heart Exposed Music” worship seminar.)

Whole-hearted: A Look into the Life of Caleb

“I want my mountain.”  At 85 years old, Caleb came forward to claim the promise that God had made to him over forty years before.  Discover the qualities that qualify a heart to receive the promises of God even in times of opposition.

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